Wednesday, August 22, 2012

La Grande Noirceur

Goodness gracious, Ovate's new collection is pure gold in black dulcet tones/layers. I want every single piece that doesn't have leather in it. After creating the most perfect hoodie ever AND the most perfect tank top ever (which sadly sold out just when I decided I needed a back-up one!), it looks like Audrey is on a roll with what might possibly be the most perfect one-shoulder dress ever (I never thought I'd say those words) AND the most perfect hooded vest ever (methinks this is a pumped up version of the sleeveless Valhalla?). Not to mention those floor-length dresses. And to think that just yesterday I was complaining to my man that no one ever designs things I'm interested in anymore. Audrey, please post these beauties in the shop soon so I can rework my school-year budget. Sigh.

(Photography by April Lea; modelling by Mathilde Jobin and Brett Wagg)

Edit: Doh! That is not a hooded vest, but a wool jacket with leather sleeves. Commence the Charlie Brown song here. At least I was right about it having the same cut as the Valhalla. Sigh.

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