Friday, August 31, 2012

Ce qui est beau est toujours bizarre

Swiss fashion grad Florent Tosi's collection, titled the same as this post (and found via NJAL), at first piqued my interest for the same styling reasons as Ilaria Nistri's newest offerings, with the extended bib collar, harnessed jackets, and one-armed coats. But the fact that Florent's work revolves around the male body both literally and figuratively causes me to take a second look and question whether I'm even entitled to picture his brilliant deconstructed pieces on myself (see below). As Florent says regarding his aesthetic: 
The shown parts of the body (arms, legs) are not particularly erotic, but linked with the easily identifiable universe of men suit gives it a different reading. It exacerbes its animal side, showing a hairy leg next to a pant with a fold leg.

Though my answer to my question (of whether I'm allowed to want these pieces) is obviously yes, I feel that Florent would say otherwise. And to that, Florent, I ask: how would you reconcile or amend the idea behind your collection if the man who wants to wear your work is a cyclist, and thus does not have hairy legs? And then, if the Florent Tosi man can be a cyclist, can the Florent Tosi man be a woman? If so, or at least if your answer is 'maybe', we should talk. Sulpicia needs a couple more outfits. If not, however, you still have a fan.

(Photos via Florent's Tumblr)

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