Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ilaria Nistri F/W 12/13

Although I should be working, as it's my 2nd last day at the last regular paying job I'll hold in my 20s, the power of Ilaria Nistri's F/W 12/13 collection compels post. Particularly, the styling options are quite intriguing, and make me question whether I've been as creative as I can be with my current wardrobe.

EXHIBIT A: High-low wrap-around skirt


We know that I'm against the current high-low trend of skirts (or 'mullet skirts', as my sister calls them. But is it okay if it's super-duper long in the back AND a wrap-around? Especially when worn with high boots, the extra fabric in the back flows towards the front and disguises the high-low effect somewhat. And the wrap style adds more detail that distracts away from the fact that it is technically a high-low skirt. Yes, I know I'm trying to make excuses for it, but, forgive me, I love this skirt. Also, I love the western-style bib shirt. Yes indeed.

EXHIBIT B: Wrap-around sweater

I'm calling this a wrap-around sweater even though it's probably just sewn this way and does not wrap per se. However, this gives me an idea of what I can do with longer sweater dresses that I don't want to wear long, i.e. pull up and down to have the bottom double-layered (think fold-over pants), then pull up a side for draping. This could be held up with a skinny belt hidden underneath the fold. I think I know just the sweater dress I will try this on.

EXHIBIT C: Coat as one-sleeved dress

The styling is self-explanatory, but brilliant just the same. Especially as I wish I could wear my wool coat from Patricia Ayres much more, but don't always want to be toasty. Probably recommended for less structured coats, but whatever.

EXHIBIT D: Floor-length head scarf

To add a pop of colour to an otherwise all black outfit (which of course I would NEVER do - ha), a scarf peaking out the top and bottom is a great way to go. Except I don't have any scarves that long.

(Photos via Ilaria's Facebook - for the life of me, I can't remember when I had 'Liked' Ilaria's page, so I have no recollection of how I found her. Any ideas?)

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