Tuesday, August 21, 2012



Just when I thought I was done with NY, a call for papers for a conference at CUNY arrives in my inbox, and thoughts of being in NY in November are swirling through my head. Yes, I could rather quickly write up an abstract for a paper to present, and, yes, the things I will be addressing in my thesis fit the theme of this conference quite well, and, yes, I'd prefer to start practicing public speaking in front of an interdisciplinary group of graduate students I'll likely never see again instead of a Classics-only group of established scholars. But, more importantly, it's in NY! And when there will not be a heat wave. Oh boy. Alice, would you be available for an early morning piano performance or two?

In other news, here's a spectacular wool jacket from the adorable Brooklyn-based designer Azede Jean-Pierre (found via NJAL), which, I think you'll agree, deserves to be posted in as large a size as possible. It's also available in white, if you're into that sort of thing.

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