Sunday, April 22, 2012

William Watson

Seriously, guys get all the fun when it comes to pants. The latest exhibit I'd like to bring forward for my case is the Fall 2012 collection of one English-born and Brooklyn-based William Watson (found via a brief mention on Fashion156). Might I also direct your attention to the 3D collars, architectural elbow details, and hidden pockets. Oh sorry, I meant HIDDEN POCKETS IN A WHITE BUTTON DOWN! Again: seriously. William, you have given me no other choice than to come back to NY to try and get to the bottom of this pant-and-other-tailored-goods disparity between the sexes. How does mid-June work for you?

By the way, you ought to read the interview with William on The Dandy Project, entitled 'English Licorice', which was the source of Fashion156's mention. It begins as follows: 
In the gum ball machine of heritage Americana and Milanese tailoring permutations that were the trade shows a few months ago, William Watson was a licorice jawbreaker...
 Brilliant writing, seeing as I never actually liked licorice anything before, and am now reconsidering...

(Photos via William Watson NYC Facebook)

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