Saturday, April 28, 2012

ValhallA(waits Me)

I would like to take a moment to reiterate the fact that the Valhalla Hoodie by Audrey Cantwell's Ovate is the greatest hoodie ever. Mine actually doubled as quite a fantastic rain jacket the other day when I decided to take the 45-minute walk home rather than a free 5-minute ride because I "like walking." Not that it's waterproof, but the huge hood does what all hoods should, and the fabric somehow never got completely soaked. Dried overnight too, without getting stiff.

And now, the menfolk can get a hold of their own Valhalla Hoodie too. I was expecting the difference to be just the sizing, but the mens' actually has just a straight (ribbed) hem, and ribbed cuffs. One of my favorite features of the original Valhalla is that the shorter length in the back and pointed hem in the front magically creates a lovely silhouette and returns to you your waistline, which other hoodies have thoughtlessly stolen. It makes sense to remove this feature for the mens' version (though I'm sure some men, particularly ones with dreads, could pull off the more pixie-ish womens' version). Nonetheless, my second back-up Valhalla will be the original version. That way, my man won't steal it from me.

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