Thursday, April 5, 2012

Snow day

Good thing it snowed two feet (and counting) this morning, resulting in my staying home today, as I was present to receive my very first package from Hungary. I managed to finally get a couple pieces from kOs favorite Dori Tomcsanyi, including the above jacket and bamboo knit dress. Well, I'm not certain it's the exact jacket pictured above (though it is from the same collection), and the dress I got is the Winter 11/12 version, but the shoot of the S/S 10 collection is one of my favorites that I've ever posted and deserves being posted again. Well, Dori's S/S 10 collection is actually one of my favorite collections ever. Do yourself a favor and head over to Dori's webshop, as she knows how to put on a sale! 

In related news, given that both of my items from Dori are in the light tan family, I think I'm moving over to the light side (though it might just be that my eyes are blinded by the snow and are only registering shapes). I am thoroughly intrigued by the S/S 12 collection by Italian-born and London-based designer Claudia Ligari (found via NJAL). Particularly that perfect scuba-inspired dress, and those 3D panels that create super sneaky curvature in otherwise minimalistic shape-free pieces. That's what you call ninja tailoring. Or at least I do, in my snow-crazed state. Have I mentioned I'm sick again?

Edit: All of the pieces available in Claudia's e-shop are also available in black! Eek!

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