Thursday, April 12, 2012

Intimately Social

Approximately eight months ago, I was finally free from the worst experience of my life. Also, at the same time, I wrote about the MINNAPALMQVIST collection inspired by "shapes we don't want our bodies to have." Now, I am beginning quite possibly the best experience of my life, and Minna has once again created shapes I don't want my body to have, but shapes (layered shapes, at that) I definitely need in my wardrobe (i.e. her A/W 12 collection, found via NJAL). I'm thinking Minna has a crucial part to play in my life. And/or my wardrobe. Whatever it is, thank you, Minna. Also, thank you to the nice bus driver who broke the rules and stopped at a non-bus stop; I think you'd look lovely in a MINNAPALMQVIST jacket. (Whoever decides to close down all the major bus stops on the major street downtown in any city probably have no concept of layering clothes, and should probably quit their day job.)

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