Friday, April 13, 2012

Mare Frigoris

Move over complexgeometries: Audrey Cantwell is the new authority on Canadian-made avant-garde-ish jersey (and sheer) basics. The new Ovate collection, entitled 'Mare Frigoris' (translation, or mine anyway: Sea of Cold), has just been posted on Etsy, and it is glorious. All hail the fishtail skirt, racerbacks, hoods, and sheer everything! And, sorry cg, but my vote is in part informed by the fact that your Stifler/Strangler hoodie has failed me, whilst my Ovate Valhalla hoodie is the 2nd most wonderful hoodie ever made (the first being my marriage hoodie). So, with there now being a sleeveless version of the Valhalla, my mind is made up. Pretty spectacular for a label that's merely one year old!

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