Thursday, June 20, 2013

Maiko Takeda

My brain works very very strangely. More often than not, I forget things I had read just the day before, or even important things in favorite books that I've read more than once. Heck, I've even forgotten about a whole character in a favorite TV show, as if my brain had spliced him out of the numerous scenes he was in. But this morning, to cheer me up out of a pulled neck muscle, my man showed me a new photo of Björk (at Bonnaroo), and immediately I knew who had made her headpiece. Which I had seen for a split second a week or more ago while scrolling through Fashion156's Collections page. Strange. Anyway, as confirmed by Maiko's tumblr, the piece comes from the MA (in millinery at the Royal College of Art) grad collection of Maiko Takeda, whose BA (from CSM) collection I could've sworn I had posted about before, but I must've just oogled Han-style over and over. So, here it is (well, a few images from it), for realz this time:

Brilliant, isn't it? Of course, these pieces would've lost their shadowy dimension here the last few cloudy weeks, but fun could be had with flashlights at least. Anyway, with Björk on board, methinks Maiko is in for quite a ride. Now, does anyone know who did that dress? (Edit: The dress is by Dutch designer Iris van Herpen, from her Micro collection. Thanks, Dust!)

(Björk photo by Danny Clinch, via Facebook)

P.S. You know I'm lagging on blog reading when one of the blogs I link to wrote about this already a few days ago! See Susie Bubble's post for full coverage on Maiko's grad collection.

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