Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blooming fabric

Though I have now far out-stayed my welcome on the still off-gassing couch that has just been allowed out of its airing out room (six months after we bought it), I couldn't tear myself away from my comfy toxic spot as I was intently perusing the website of my newest favorite find. The designer of the fairy-like pieces you see here is Berlin-based Beatrice Oettinger. Beatrice brings a whole new meaning to eco clothing, as the details of her impregnated organza clothing are made of things you would find in your garden or nearby forest: peas, seeds, beans, herbs and flowers. Bits of birch bark also become a textile in Beatrice's hands.

Beatrice also brings a new meaning to convertible clothing with such pieces as her top made with young popular capsules that eventually open up to release the poplar fuzz (the process of which I'm well acquainted with, being a step away from a forest of poplar trees)...

...or a dress with Clematis vitalba seeds that eventually bloom. 

Brilliant. As I'm in decorating mode and have made the 2nd bedroom into a thesis/sewing room, I'm also intrigued by her 'textile bakery' pieces, decorative dresses made of flour and various bits of plant, some of which are made into light covers. 

Now that we have room on our patio for more than 5 pots, thanks to Beatrice I'm thinking that I should choose the next things we will grow based on their fashion potential. I think I'll start with some peas...

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