Sunday, July 15, 2012

Working Titles

My Internets-fast (courtesy of NY-5) had the very unintended outcome of missing Barbara Í Gongini news, being that there is a fantastic mid-season sale on some pieces. Thanks to an update on Barbara's NJAL page though, coupled with the welcome end of the horrible heat wave that had sapped all* interest in fashion/clothing out of me and a too-long couch-shopping excursion that had me running for the hills (particularly any hills without furniture), I found out the news the long way by heading over to the Barbara's site. There I discovered some wonderful new teaser A/W 12 photos (on the new blog), and some pieces in the shop that I absolutely must have (or at least dream about). 

Visiting the shop surprises me every time, as Barbara's pieces are so basic and yet so spectacular and convertible. I'm particularly in love with the dress that reminds me of the ArtLab Andromache,

the long sleeve that converts into a halter dress (similar to my beloved complexgeometries two-faced dress) (and comes in black), 

and the hooded sleeved circle scarf/cardigan (that also comes in black). 

Brilliant. Looks like we're going for the cheaper couch so I can get one more pre-grad school purchase in. And speaking of, anyone have any thoughts on the Ikea Kivik sofa?

*With the exception of the desire to wear my new Marie Saint Pierre S/S 12 skirt every day. That thing is a lifesaver in 30+ degree weather, particularly after a check-up appointment that ended in some unexpected injections and very colourful bruising! I <3 MSP!

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