Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Now that I've given up hope, I feel much better.

This past weekend I pretended I was 18 again and stayed up waaaay past my bed time to catch the best concert of the summer. Two of my favorite bands ever are local bands, one with a small but very loyal following via rare local shows and video game soundtracks, and the other with a growing following via international tours and utterly danceable tunes. The stars must've aligned, as for the first time ever both of these bands played together, making me disregard stuff such as "sleep" and "not being around annoying people" and the like. But, it was all worth it, as the Faunts hadn't played for three years, and Shout Out Out Out Out was celebrating putting out their third record. A great time was had by all, especially by the ridiculously tall guy that stood right in front of me, considered himself the mayor of what was apparently his town, and promptly got thrown out after his stunning digestive pyrotechnics on stage. Anyway, this fantastic video (created by another local, Aaron Munson) is for one of the songs off the new album, Spanish Moss and Total Loss, and features the Shout Out Out band members and some other locals (including some of the aforementioned Faunts boys) falling off (in?) chairs. I <3 780.

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