Monday, July 2, 2012

no. 306

One trend both me and my man noticed in NY was the high/low skirt. I had originally thought this was a good idea when I saw the style in 2D photos. However, I must say it looks pretty ridiculous in the ultra-3D winds of Manhattan, particularly when the winds are created by the subway grates below the skirt's wearer. It may seem similar on paper, but a windblown asymmetrical skirt hem does not have the same romantic effect as windblown model-ly hair or a floating plastic bag. Unless we're talking about a mullet, or a shredded black garbage bag caught on barbed wire.

Having said that though, I have absolutely nothing against dresses with (2D or 3D) trains, such as on my mono Scarf Dress, and this, Genevieve Savard's no. 306 Silk bag dress. Indeed, this convertible beauty has just made My Top 3 Want List. Been a while since something squeezed in there!

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