Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wood Be

Every once in a while there's a collection that simultaneously makes me think 'that's why I blog!' and floods my brain with all types of memories that were stuffed in more than a few neglected gyri and sulci. Such is the 'Wood Be' collection of Central Saint Martins BA grad C.J. Yao (found via NJAL). 

I might've even seen the collection briefly as it's been on the Internets for a couple of weeks, but the runway does nothing for these pieces. They need to be outside, or at least in a monastery, nunnery, bell tower, or cathedral with a huge flippin organ. With Björk, or a pharaoh, or Björk dressed as a pharaoh. Or Tilda Swinton and a giant redwood in the background, surrounded by a circle of nuns.

But C.J.'s collection is not just about editorial value - if you look more closelier, each of these looks contains something very wearable. Basically, C.J. has done for wood and fringes what Sky Lucy Young did for Swedish rag rugs. Absolutely fantastic work. I want it all.

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