Monday, June 18, 2012

Sul velo sollevato

I don't remember the last time (if there was a last time) that I was home for less than half of a month. June has somehow become my travel month, resulting in my seeing both coasts, 4 Canadian provinces, 2 American states, 3 wineries, roughly 50 bison, all but one (surviving) generation of both sides of my extended family, 2 (relatively) obscure musicians, the person responsible for me meeting my man, the place in which me and my man were legally married, the place in which me and my man will retire, the place that was last graced with the presence of the world's greatest dog, and the place in which I 'found' myself (the latter two locations being where I'm off to in just a few hours). In the words of Toki Wartooth, Wowee!

So kids, have a fantastic rest of the month. When I return, its back to the books, namely Chapters 35-40 in Wheelock, and the remaining billion pages of Don Quixote. If you discover some new blogs or assorted things that you think I should know about, please leave me a comment and let me know. Research shows that it's nearly impossible to catch up on two weeks of Internets after being unplugged! To start, please find out more about Italian fashion (under!)grad Caterina Dorigo for me. Her work (found via NJAL) is quite intriguing.

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