Friday, June 1, 2012

Electric Feathers (...and help wanted)

Holy crap. Tipped off by Fawn Boutique, I just discovered my new favorite label, called Electric Feathers. I think you'll enjoy both the preceding and the following:

I can't seem to find any info on them, other than the fact that they're a favorite label of many people (not a surprise), but this stuff is beyond perfect for summer, made in New York, and convertible convertible convertible!!! It seems like it's been a while since I found some good convertible stuff, doesn't it? Granted, this is from last year, but I want it now. Even the non-convertible stuff is incredible. The first outfit below is my new favorite outfit (yes, even with the shorts!)...

...and the tank below is my new favorite piece name: Reversible Flying Buttress Vest. One, please!

In other news, provided that you've made it down this far, and inspired by all this silk, I broke my cardinal rule yesterday and bought something from a chain store that was by no stretch of the imagination made ethically. I'm having such a horrible time finding pants that fit me, namely summer-friendly pants that are shorter and fit my 1 cm larger right calf (increased diameter thanks to my surgery and/or the larger muscle from the exercises following said surgery). Added to that, somehow I've gotten sucked into the trend of silk pants. So, when I saw silk pants that had an elastic waistband (i.e. guaranteed fit), were not a horrible colour (i.e. navy), were a very cute cut, and both fit (both of) my calves and allowed me to wear a size two sizes smaller than a normal pair of pants (i.e. instant self-confidence boost), I momentarily forgot about my rules. However, I now feel incredibly guilty, and am now asking you, oh Wise Reader, to let me know of any ethical equivalents to this pant (in a dark colour). The tag is still attached and they're even right by the door in the bag, just waiting for me to return them. Thank you in advance for your help!

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