Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Witold Szostak

Today I was finally tracked down by the weird stomach thing that's been going around this holiday season. They say it's the Norwalk, but I had that way back when 'Norwalk' meant something (i.e. it meant you almost died, or at least wanted to die), and so far this strain just seems to be a waste of my time and the warmest January day in my city's history. At any rate, being home sick makes me appreciate the comforts of my cozy apartment, such as my lovely bed being directly in a sunbeam for most of the day's sunlit hours. One thing I will always long for as long as we live here, however, is a big ol' bathtub that I can actually fit in and relax when I'm feeling crappy. Like this one by today's Featured Seller on Etsy, Witold Szostak. This guy creates some fantastic stuff, and I definitely think the $7K price tag on his mini-ark bathtub is completely justifiable. Unfortunately, seeing as a free-standing bathtub would take up all the available space in the living room (and/or the whole apartment, as we'd get kicked out for not being able to make rent...), getting the fan too would be out of the question. Sigh. 

I'd also like that clothes hanger behind him in the picture below, but that doesn't seem to be for sale in his Etsy shop, at least yet. My very first SHIN piece would look fantastic on that thing...

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