Saturday, January 21, 2012

Frequently re-orient the disoriented.

1) I noticed the first time I saw kOs on an iPad that this blog is not optimized for mobile devices. And as, according to Google Analytics, the large number of you access this blog via mobile devices, that needs to be remedied. I looked up various tips on how to prepare a site for an iPad specifically, but without one to play around on, I can't really put those to use just yet. However, I found out that Blogger has an option to have a mobile version of each post, and likely some of you have noticed that I turned this on a couple days ago. Even though this option negates all the photo sizing and specific formatting I do, and just plain doesn't look as pretty as I'd like, it at least lets you see entire photos (albeit very small versions), and makes the text easier to read (if you're into reading words) without doing the two-fingered zooming thing. Please let me know what you think. And, though mobile users likely know this already, please take note that, at the bottom of each mobile version post, you can switch back to the desktop version. At least I can on my man's iPhone.

2) This week has been entirely bizarre. First of all, it was -40 at some point every day, meaning it was 40-50 degrees colder than last week. Starting today, however, it's going back up to nearly spring-like conditions. I'm telling you, the bunnies are thoroughly confused. Secondly, in a previous life, I would've called in sick to avoid walking through such cold to my place of employment; in this life, I simply put my layering skills to use. Thirdly, my man had a surgery consult on Monday, and knee surgery yesterday. Most people have to wait a year or more to have surgery, not to mention having to pay for said surgery. There are problems with the Canadian health system, but this week my house is not aware of them.

3) This collection by Central Saint Martins grad Minky Ha is based on capitalism. That's quite a loaded statement, if you think about it. Read more about it here.

(Photos via, post title via Grey Nuns Community Hospital's tips to prevent falls, as posted in Unit 44)

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