Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Natsumi Zama

Natsumi Zama's '2 to 3' collection (found via Fashion156) immediately brings to mind a video I watched over and over in my parents' kitchen of Julian Roberts performing his subtraction cutting to a live audience: from a two dimensional rectangle of fabric, comes a three dimensional draped creation. Natsumi's collection, however, brings with it a reverence for that two dimensional rectangle of fabric. At first glance, Natsumi seems to put the finished piece on display by mounting it directly onto the flat piece of material. However, when that flat piece is allowed to hang and drape rather comfortingly around the finished piece, it becomes obvious that it is the flat piece that is on display; the frame is the centre of attention, not the picture. Furthermore, not wanting to cut away at the edges, as with normal pattern cutting, or cut away at the centre, as with Julian's method, the two dimensional rectangle of fabric is left relatively untouched, and yet is given the chance to experience a new dimension. Sounds rather romantic, no?

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