Thursday, December 6, 2012


Just in time to be mega-distracted from studying for finals, my dreams have come true in that Marie Saint Pierre now has an online shop (on the revamped website, it's the tab with the darling name 'Walk-in')! This has quickly become my favorite luxury label, especially after my lovely experience in their boutique in Montreal this summer. I'd really prefer to repeat that experience and go back there to buy another piece in person, but seeing as that won't happen until August at the earliest, I will gladly drool over my laptop screen and wake up thinking about how I could possibly afford to order something. In particular, I want/need this ridiculously gorgeous mesh and jersey cardigan (called 'Joshua'). Which of course cannot happen with a price tag of $790 (a.k.a. a month's rent). However, I will keep my fingers crossed that the bi-annual MSP sale applies to the website as well. Meanwhile, if you have some extra cash laying around, for every $500 you spend before December 20th, you'll get a $100 gift card (and free shipping on your first order) IF you use this code: FROMMARIETOYOU. Please feel free to forward the gift card on to me at your leisure.

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