Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Post-Raphaelites

I finally came up with a topic for my Latin paper + one of my favorite discoveries here on kOs has posted a new collection on NJAL = the world makes sense again! Poppy Warwicker-Le Breton's newest offerings (under the label 'SuperCollider') appeal to me in a way that simply can't be explained. Kind of like Lacan's 'Real' (warning: stay away from psychoanalytic literary criticism if you can, Freudian and Lacanian alike). The first piece in particular brought back a memory I had forgotten, of how one of the most influential professors in my life used to make me push up my sleeves because somehow pulling them down to cover my hands was holding me back from my academic potential. Or something. Let's just say I used to be/am a wallflower (i.e. I cried like a baby when I saw the movie last night). Anyway, Poppy, glad to see you're back. Oh, and Catullus 51/Sappho 31, I'm coming for you.

(Photos via NJAL)

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