Friday, October 12, 2012

Deconstruction in silk and red

Two days ago we had the first snow of the winter (yes, winter comes early here), and the ground is carpeted with green leaves that didn't even have a chance to change colour yet. Funnily enough, I don't even mind that much this time around (at least not yet), as I'm not relying on the outside-of-work world to pick up my spirits (like in the previous 5-ish fall-winter changeovers). Even so, the pre-mature death of a season brought to mind something that I intended on posting when it was still summer (which was not so long ago...). Amanda deLeon's F/W 12 collection, which is now available in her shop, includes one of the most gorgeous dresses I have ever seen, the Silk Cemetery Gown. What truly makes this dress is the print (yes, a print!), which is from a photo of the Greenwood Cemetery in New Orleans. I suspect I'd love this dress even more when styled with the pick-ups that are on the sides, perhaps an ArtLab belt, and some boots (of the Fluevog/Dr. Martens/Chuck variety). Having said that though, the red version would also look great with my red plaid Dr. Martens...

Then, speaking of red, I want Amanda's Red Wool Blazer. And, speaking of blazer, I need to get back to work. Can anyone summarize deconstruction in 1000 words or less for me?*

*Trick question: You can't summarize deconstruction. You can only deconstruct it.

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