Sunday, May 20, 2012

Suffering from delusions of ungrandeur*

For those of you wondering where Amanda deLeon had gone (I know I was), she has now opened up an online shop! The S/S 12 collection is what is now available, making me wish I had a winning lottery ticket (especially as it is inspired by the ocean and digital communication, naturally). 

Unfortunately, even with the grand opening discount of 10% (enter 'GRANDOPEN' until June 15th), I can't afford to get a new piece from Amanda (e.g. the dress at the top is $1,280). So, for now I will just wonder how she made me like fringed anything (particularly organza-covered fringe!), wonder if her shorts could change my mind (...about shorts), and wish I could change my Amanda deLeon vest (see bottom right) into organza at a wave of a wand (or something), as that tank (above middle) makes the back gills much more wearable (see below). Sigh. Having said that, I need to wear that vest. It's fantastic.

*This is one of my favorite lines from the best album of 2012, mewithoutYou's Ten Stories. I've been wanting to use it all week as a title post, but have had a hard time finding something to post. I should say that I would be the one suffering in this case, as I don't find I'm grand enough to wear that ridiculously gorgeous dress. Curses.

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