Thursday, May 10, 2012

In My Mind

Before I get to what has been occupying my mind for the last week and a half, let me first say this: chromat now has swimwear in stock and available to order from the chromat online shop! How can I not get a bathing suit with a hood? It's pretty much a match made in heaven (and not just because it's named the 'habit suit'). I'm also loving the back coverage for the top - quite unexpected for a bikini top, and would shield at least the trunk portion of my tattoo ('s a tree). I'm not ashamed to say that I will likely wear this as a bra as well. Would go well with the TwinSyndrome bathingsuit bottoms I have been known to wear as underwear. Becca - genius!

Anyway, for the last week and a half, I've been aggravating my tennis elbow by constantly hitting refresh on Amanda (F'ing) Palmer's Kickstarter page. If you haven't heard all the hullaballoo on the Internets about AFP's brilliant success in raising enough money to produce and tour her upcoming album from her very own fans, I suggest you start by going to her Kickstarter page, and then perhaps Googling 'Amanda Palmer Kickstarter'. And if you're not familiar with Amanda Palmer, let me start by saying that I wasn't really either. In fact, I didn't bother trying to become familiar with her before, because: a) her eyebrows, or lack thereof, scare me (I've very particular about eyebrows); b) I can't relate to her brazenness (I have trouble being myself at work); and, most importantly, c) I'm jealous she gets to hear Neil Gaiman's voice whenever she wants. I honestly can't even say I had heard any music from her (and/or the Dresden Dolls) until I watched her Kickstarter video. Which was when I realized that she's really quite good at what she does and is to be admired for leaving her label (for very good reasons - Google that too) and for giving her very loyal fans a chance to be (even more) involved with her work. Without waxing noneloquently about the evils of the big music industry, etc., let's just say I backed Amanda's project (when it had reached about 4X what the goal was and only a few thousand backers) because I could get behind the idea of it, and now (when it has reached over 6X what the goal was and over 11,500 backers) I'm very much looking forward to seeing her in Brooklyn and hearing what I expect to be great music. I wonder if she could've predicted gaining a crapload of new fans because she asked for money...

Anyway, this Violitionist session was posted in the deluge of tweets* surrounding Amanda's Kickstarter. I think it's a very darling song, and Neil Gaiman as puppeteer amuses me to no end.

*P.S. An added bonus about said deluge of tweets was that I learned from a tweet/retweet of AFP that Five Iron Frenzy is alive again! Sad I missed that Kickstarter campaign - my wallet opens freely for those who hand me a big heap of nostalgia in exchange!

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