Tuesday, May 14, 2013


My first experience with having to deal with Euro jet lag has been made more interesting with the onset of a killer cold and the need to pound out one last attempt for a scholarship to cover my 2nd and last year of this degree. All I really want to do is find the perfect t-shirt and then sleep in it until my body resets. The latter is self-explanatory, given the 8-hour difference between home and where I was for a week and a half (and wish I was still). The former stems from the realization that I have only managed to accumulate 2 perfect t-shirts in the last 4 years of this blog (I slept through kOs' 4th anniversary, which was a couple days ago!), though truly the wool content of those 2 (identical) t-shirts make them imperfect for the summer. I seem to have come up dry on good affordable basics labels with local/ethical production, now that complexgeometries has moved their production to Japan (*tear*) and the ridiculous customs fees incurred by my first kowtow purchase means I simply cannot buy another piece from them. I'm quite intrigued by the above pool-side worthy t-shirt by JACQUEMUS (found via Fashion156), a label which reminds me (as did being in France and Belgium) that I need to brush up on my French. Though, I'll admit, the trompe l'oeil effect does come across better in the two-piece look. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, Queen Elizabeth, please give me money so I can learn all of the things, and someone please direct me to the perfect t-shirt store. Also, if you go to Bruges, stay at the Hotel Van Eyck. This is the staircase you'll climb every night.

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