Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Polyomino Game

Do you remember Lisa Shahno's 'Iteration collection', which was based on the fractal cosmology theory? Well, I think Lisa has one-upped that with her newest collection, 'The Polyomino Game'. The collection is actually a collaboration with Canadian jewelry designer Tania Hennessy, and it's in the nature of the collaboration itself that I'm most fascinated. Without meeting each other (Lisa's based in Moscow), each designer created their contribution independently over six months, guided only by the same set of rules: each had to create seven pieces, each piece could only be made with squares of a particular size (30cm x 30cm for the clothing, 1cm x 1cm for the jewelry), and only black, white, grey, and violet could be used. The photos here catalogue the final result, when the designers finally met. It's fun to figure out how the abstract photo on the right results in the piece Lisa designed, particularly the skirt below.

The Internets is such a prime place to make other collaborations like this happen, and I'd sure like to see it. Just think of the epic international Tetris tournaments we could have...

(Photos via NJAL)

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