Thursday, March 18, 2010

Start spreading the news

Look out New York. I will be arriving on your door step in September. I booked a super cheap flight last night and upon waking have been trying to answer the inevitable question of 'What should I wear?'. I am one of those people who plans out all their outfits for a trip, even though the plan is rarely followed in the end. However, somehow I long ago developed this fear of losing my most treasured pieces of clothing due to baggage mishandling (even though I have never lost my luggage), and so I've never packed my favorites in my checked bag. However, due to current carry-on restrictions and the fact that nearly everything in my regular wardrobe is now a most treasured piece, I believe I will have to entrust my material assets to unknown bag men and ladies come vacation time. Sigh. I have half a mind to just layer everything together and wear it on the plane to ensure that everything at least gets there, albeit with travel filth and 3-hour layover in Minneapolis grime. Anywho, I'm thinking I might revisit my outfit from the Pavlo/Oscar Lopez/Rik Emmett concert (yes, the Rik Emmett of Triumph fame). It consisted of my black ArtLab Star Trek Princess dress, ArtLab Bib Noir No. 2, Vivienne Westwood silver harem pants, my beloved Vivienne Westwood coatmydearthing Way Shrug, and my black Toms Vegan Wrap Boots. The ArtLab dress begs for bare shoulders and no jacket over top, and the proportions of the coat with the dress and pants make me feel like I should be wearing a Stetson, or a at least a beehive. But for the sake of protecting my investments, I may indeed wear one or two jackets over top en route to NYC...The only question is, what if I purchase other most treasured pieces whilst window shopping? Let's just hope it's a cold blustery day on the way there and back again...

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