Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stop telephonin' me

When I'm not dressed in loose drapey layers, this is my look. Well, not 'this' in particular. 'This' is from Anuschka Hoevener's F/W 09/10 collection, and (sadly) not my own. The oversized neck armour, simple black tank, slim cropped black pants, no support socks. Sigh. I'd also love to hang my laundry out to dry in the neighbourhood trees, but I fear for the safety of my assets. Especially because my wardrobe is really my only form of assets.

I also fully endorse these S/S 10 looks by Dora Abodi. If you need justification re: the colours and frills, I can only offer that I've been surrounded by Lady Gaga talk and videos for the greater part of my day indoors. If I can come upon Dora's NJAL page a day or two ago, I probably would've been all gaga over her F/W 10/11 collection, inspired by Mr. Stardust himself.

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