Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mandula: The wardrobe of my dreams

You and I both thought I was done posting for the day. But I clicked on my 'Mandula' bookmark, as I do, and I was rewarded beyond my dreams (and I had a pretty good dream last night). Mandula, the absolutely fantastic Vancouver-based label from Hungarian-born designer Hajnalka Mandula, not only has a new collection, but now also has an online store. To be perfectly honest, I think my heart skipped a few beats when I flipped through the new gallery and shop. The new wares continue on Hajnalka's edgy, earthy, old-war esthetic, in all the fabrics and colours I love. And the pieces are designed to wear with each other, so my layering requirements are fulfilled in one beautiful place. Sigh. As I said before, this is a store where I would feel right at home in. Each piece is definitely worth every Canadian penny. By the way, if you had your eye on pieces from the previous collections that I had featured here, make sure you scroll to the bottom of each category in the store. You'll be rewarded as well.

If I were asked to pick, these would be my two favorite looks. But please, don't ask me to do that.

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