Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Miss Mail Lady, I think I love you

I have just received the best package of all time. 'Sure', you're saying, 'it's probably all the popsicles and cough drops talking.' Yes, I admit I'm still ill and have only had sufficient sleep for 2 days in the last 4 days. So, I might not be the best person to make such a statement. But perhaps I can convince you by the fact that the entire package consists of ArtLab pieces. I will also convince you with photos. However, since I'm still ill and have only had sufficient yadayadayada, I will not be appearing in the photos. Perhaps later on, if you ask nicely (as I have obviously gotten batteries for the crappy camera now).


This is the (top of the) long-awaited ArtLab Space Odyssey dress, which is, in fact, both the first strapless dress and the first full-length dress I have ever owned. Patricia tweaked the design a bit for me, resulting in a gorgeous heavier weight brown jersey, with a brownish grey coated fabric harness piece to accentuate 'the girls' (closes with snaps in back). Fits ever so perfectly, and goes to the ground. Sigh.


My very own ArtLab Clinical White Harness No. 1. The industrial strength elastic and snaps are incredible. And the straps extend past the waistband into little loops - love little details like that. I might even wear this with the Space Odyssey dress, since that harness is a completely separate piece.


The ArtLab Military Skirt No. 1, front (left) and back (right). I realize that my Ikea duvet cover kind of swallows up this skirt. But trust me, it's gorgeous. And has such a nice weight to it (I know I've complained before about all my skirts being too heavy, but I obviously gravitate towards the weightier ones). Patricia made this nice and asymmetrical for me. I'm going to have a lot of fun layering this one, especially with my new found love of great leggings, and my rediscovery of my extra high black monochrome Chucks.


And lastly (last because it was labelled as '4' - really, Patricia individually brown-paper wrapped each piece and numbered them!), this ArtLab bib piece is perhaps my favorite (actually, I can't decide which one is if I have to). This, I guess, would be the prototype of the popular Couture Bib No. 2 Noir (4 have sold in the last couple days!), as it only has an elastic to go around the neck. This is the most amazing accessory. I was wondering how it would sit with just a neck strap, ie. if it would stick out at all at the bottom. So if you were wondering as well (as the Couture Bib No. 3 Cocoa Brown is constructed similarly), rest assured that the wonderful weight of all those gorgeous pleats and felt backing keep it close to your chest, unless you're bending over, doing jumping jacks, etc. This is such a great statement piece, and adds instant flair to any top. I'm going to be wearing this with the Space Odyssey dress (sans harness) as well, and with both my Andromache dresses. Ooo, and with my Liza Rietz Waffle Tucked Tunic (which is of course herringbone, and not white) Sigh. I couldn't be a happier sick girl.

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