Thursday, October 29, 2009

Canadian Thieves

Positively wonderful find via The Coveted today. Thieves is a Canadian label by designer Sonja den Elzen, who uses eco-friendly fabrics to create a collection "with a mix of fine tailoring, easy draping, asymmetry and the texturing of fabric." Um, yes, please! You can pick up a Thieves piece or two in the online Thieves Boutique, which also carries other designers keen on sustainable design. I for one am in love with the incredible Thieves hemp/tencel Siberian Vest (top; also available in Plum or Java), and the Thieves tencel/wool Hooded Tiaga Dress (middle; also available in black, moss, or dark grey). This dress would probably be my first pick as it would be the most versatile, with the pointed shoulder detailing, unique v-empire waist, cowl skirt (reminiscent of my Liza Rietz scooped cowl knit gown), 3/4 sleeves, and high neck/hood. Sigh. And tencel/wool is by far my newest favorite fabric find, as it's like jersey in its drape and softness, but is warm because of the wool content (and it doesn't pill!). The Thieves hooded Horn Vest (bottom; made of organic wool suiting) is also quite an eye-catching piece with the stuffed details and pointed cap sleeves. I would love to layer this over a top or two. Sigh.

In other news, I had the greatest time throwing together a 'mish-mash' outfit (as my man calls my style), consisting of my new ArtLab Military Skirt No. 1, The Hoody, Norwegian Wood leggings, extra-high black monochrome Chucks, Johnny Cash t-shirt, and brown Pretty Raccoon owl print scarf. Next up: I must try the skirt with my hier apparel plum Vock. I'll try to take dress form pictures of both these mish-mashes on Saturday.

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