Friday, December 9, 2011

Brian Suter-Maury

Ah, for at least a second, my very small corner of the world makes sense. I left my very unfulfilling job, had a very lovely fourth trip to my second home (NY, of course), and then started a new position that (gasp!) treats me like the mature and educated adult that I am AND rather fairly compensates me. I am also happy to report that working downtown in the corporate world (and beside a mall) has not in anyway changed my values, as my brief attempt to try and fit in with the shopping-during-lunch crowd promptly resulted in a panic attack and renewed contempt for fast fashion. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but there is a reason why $27 pants are $27. (Dear Alice, please learn to sleep soon so your mother can make me new clothes.) Anyway, what this all means for you is that I can actually be inspired enough to blog again. And so, let me introduce you to my newest favorite, Swiss-born Parsons grad Brian Suter-Maury (found via NJAL). From this day forward, the land of women's tailored clothing will never be the same.

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